Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cleaning Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Most plastics can be washed with solution of mild detergent (hand dishwashing liquid) and water, rinsed, and can be wiped dry to prevent water spots if that is a problem. Never use strong alkalis on plastic. Never use scouring powders or other abrasives as plastics scratch easily.
Some new plastic furniture is finished with lacquered resins that protect the surface against ultraviolet rays, rain, and salt spray, with a special resin for plastic tabletops that gives touch ceramic-like finish. For others, waxes or special protective finishes for plastics will give extra protection.

Polyvinyl Chloride Frames and Tops Not affected by weather, but mat finish on frames soils easily and should be cleaned when soiled. Easily scratched so do not use abrasives. Auto wax protects it.

Wash with mild detergent solutions and rinse

Polyvinyl Chloride Coated Polyester Mesh Fabric Wash during the season when soiled with mild detergent (hand dishwashing liquid) solution and brush, and rinse. Wash before storage at end of season. Fabric sheds water and dries quickly.

Nylon Webbing Seats Wash with mild detergent solution and brush and rinse when soiled, and again at end of season before storage.

Vinyl Strapping Seats Protect from tanning lotions with large towel as some can stain. Never use abrasives or strong detergents.

Clean regularly as buildup of soil, oil, lotion can lead to fungus growth. Wash with mild detergent solution and brush, and rinse, when soiled, and before storage. Some may have mildew inhibitors.

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