Thursday, February 28, 2008

Re-Gluing Wood Furniture Joints

Buy a glue that says on label it is made for wood. Remove all old glue from both parts to be re-glued with sandpaper or steel wool. Sometimes vinegar will soften some old glues, but be sure wood is clean and dry before re-gluing. Check fit of parts before gluing. If joint is loose, put narrow strips of cloth over ends of loose- fitting piece to fill space, and check fit again. (Vis. 1)

Traditional wood glues call for a priming coat of glue on each part, to set until tacky, and then a second coat of glue before joining parts at once. Follow directions exactly on glue you use as there are many different types. Spread glue evenly as directed, and join parts. Apply pressure on joint for time specified on glue label. Use a C-clamp, or tourniquet of rope of clothesline for pressure. Pads of folded cloth, paper towels, or magazine pages may be placed at points of pressure to prevent marring wood. (Vis. 2)

Weak corner joints may be braced with angle irons, and triangles of wood.

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