Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cleaning Wood Furniture

Regular Cleaning Vacuuming with a dusting brush attachment gently removes dust from furniture surfaces, preventing buildup. If no vacuum cleaner, use a clean soft cloth, turning it often, or soft paper towels to pick up dust. Dust furniture before vacuuming floors. If the finish is water resistant, a barely dampened towel or cloth will pick up dust.
Changing filters in furnace and/or air conditioner before they get too dirty traps dust that would otherwise settle on furniture. Portable air cleaners may be used in rooms with dust problems, especially during the heating season.

Effective range hood systems can trap grease from cooking that otherwise settles on furniture in other rooms.

Pads, mats and coasters on furniture, mats under vases, glasses, cups etc. protect them from spills and stains, and from heated objects. Do not use plastic or rubber on natural wood surfaces; may soften and damage finish. Use felt under objects set on top of furniture that could scratch it.

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