Thursday, February 28, 2008

Painted Metal Outdoor Furniture Care and Cleaning

Baked-on enamel surfaces such as used on automobile exteriors are the most durable. Metal having had a metal primer applied first to a spotless, grease free surface, and dried, with a second coat of paint or enamel is next in durability. Paint or enamel applied directly to a metal surface is least durable, and more subject to bubbling, peeling and chipping than either of the above methods.
Care Handle painted metal items with care to avoid hitting one against another which will chip paint, just as stones and gravel will chip paint on an automobile. Painted metal card table chairs are often banged against each other in storage and soon paint is chipped badly. Painted metal furnishing for the patio need inside storage for severe winter weather.

Moving metal furniture on a cement surface will scrape paint from legs of patio furniture. If it is left out in rain, rust spots can develop on both the furniture and the cement patio.

Cleaning Wash surface with warm water and a heavy duty liquid detergent. A brush may be needed to clean grooves during cleaning process. An old toothbrush gets into tiny grooves.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent residue.

Wipe dry, or allow to air dry in sun or heated room.

Apply automobile liquid or paste wax and polish. (Follow manufacturer's directions). Auto wax is more durable than wax made for wood surfaces. Two thin coats of wax are more satisfactory than one very heavy coat. Wax protection is especially important for table tops.

Seasonal Care Use cleaning-waxing care method before storing metal furniture for the winter. In spring spray with garden hose for immediate use. (Usually people are too busy with other garden and yard chores to take time to clean and wax furniture in the spring.)

About midway through summer, a thorough cleaning and waxing will help maintain general appearance of metal patio furnishings.

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