Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mattress Care and Cleaning

Care Occasionally turn non-foam mattresses end for end, and turn over so former bottom side is on top.
Covering the mattress will protect it from stain and soil and avoid having to clean it as described below. The cover should be washable, and easy to remove and put back on.

Cleaning Periodically remove dust from the surface of your mattress and box springs with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Unenclosed metal springs can be dusted with the vacuum dusting brush or with a small brush like a bottle brush.

If the mattress fabric does become soiled or stained, it can be cleaned with an upholstery shampoo, following directions exactly. Or use dry suds, made by beating up mild detergent in warm water with an eggbeater; apply only the dry suds to a small area at a time using a soft brush or sponge; wipe with sponge wrung out of warm water. Do not get padding inside mattress wet. Dry area completely before covering or using mattress. Drying is faster with either dry outdoor air (in warm weather) or dry heated air (in winter);an electric fan blowing across the dampened area hastens drying.

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